Isabelle’s appearance and Japanese name (Shizue) indicate that she and her twin brother, Digby are based on shih tzu dogs. The name “shih tzu" roughly translates to "little lion", as they are named for their appearance after the legend of Shisa dogs, which are also known as Fu dogs or Lion dogs, depending on the region. Shisa dogs are believed to protect places from evil spirits. Statues of them are usually seen in pairs, with one on each side of an entrance. Traditionally, one will have an open mouth, roaring to keep away evil spirits, and one will have a closed mouth to allow good spirits to pass.








Female Fantasy III



May they be forever alone for their elitist douche-baggery.

I was recently interviewing the woman who founded Her Universe and we were talking specifically about women and geekdom. I asked about the rise of girls in geek culture and she very accurately corrected me: There is no “rise” of geek girls. We’ve always been here. Girls are just as nerdy as dudes are. Ladies have always been interested in sci fi and fantasy and video games - we just don’t talk about it a lot because men are assholes. 



me when my crush is doing something stupid

  • me: no what are you doing
  • me: please stop you are embarrassing yourself
  • me: and youre embarrassing me
  • me: how the heck are you looking so cute while doing something so dumb
  • me: you are such a moron but so cute pls stop
  • me: how do you look so cute and so stupid at the same time
  • me: let me hug the idiot right out of u, u stupid idiot